The Easy Way to Sell Your Car in Northfield

The Easy Way to Sell Your Car in Northfield

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Value Your Trade-in

If you plan to upgrade to the latest Chevrolet model, trading in your old Chevy can lower what you owe on your next car, as it allows you to put the money realized from the sale toward the new purchase so you can pay off the vehicle sooner. Aside from trading in your car, another option is to sell the old car privately and use the money to pay part of the cost of the new car.

Whatever option you choose, Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield, in Northfield, OH, can help make the transition to your new vehicle a smooth sailing one. Come visit our dealership and bring in your car for an inspection today to experience the Spitzer advantage!

Enjoy a No-Hassle Experience

If you’re a driver looking to sell your car in Northfield, a dealership is the best option for the stress-free process you deserve. For one thing, working with a dealership enables you to sell faster and more efficiently.

When you sell a car privately on your own, it can take a few weeks or even longer to find someone willing to pay your asking price. With dealerships, however, you can be in and out in as little as 30 minutes. Also, most dealerships will pay what they consider a fair trade-in price. So you can rest assured of getting a good deal on top of the convenience.

In addition, selling to a dealership is easy vs. selling your car privately, as dealers handle all the necessary paperwork for DMV. If you sell it privately, you’ll be responsible for advertising the vehicle online, organizing test drives, as well as doing all the needed paperwork for the sale process. Not to mention the risk of issuing test drives to people who might be looking to defraud you.

Even if you’re trading in a negative equity car, dealerships will pay off your existing car loan via a loan payoff incentive or rebate program with no strings attached. When you sell to a third party, on the other hand, you may still be liable for the difference in equity.

Another advantage of dealership trade-in is that doing so saves you on taxes, as you only pay tax on the difference between the trade-in amount and the price of the new car.

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Not Looking to Trade-In? Sell to a Dealership

If you’d rather part with your car and walk away with cash immediately, you can also sell to a dealership. To ‘sell my car to a dealer’ in Northfield, the first step you need to take is to visit a car valuation site like Kelley Blue Book and fill out the form on the site to value your trade.

The site gauges the condition of your vehicle and gives an estimate of the amount you can sell your car for. After assessing what your car is worth, the next step is to take the vehicle to a dealership along with the Kelley Blue Book certificate so the dealership can examine the condition of the car and its features. Once everything has been verified, the dealership will close the deal by handing you a check.

Remember, while a dealership will be happy to buy your car, you can also take advantage of available trade-in offers and trade in your current vehicle for a new, fully-equipped model.

Trade In Your Car Today at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield

Whether you want to sell your car for cash or would like to buy a car in exchange, Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield can help make it happen. We always ensure to lend ourselves to simple and straightforward auto solutions so that you’ll find it easier to do business with us.

Once you visit us for a trade-in, we’ll assess the options, packages, and features your car comes with, review its Carfax Vehicle History report, take quick test drives, then make a competitive offer. It’s that simple! Contact us at our Chevy dealership in Northfield today if you’re looking to sell a car and get an exceptional offer in return.

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