Where Can I Schedule 4 Wheel Alignment Services?

Where Can I Schedule 4 Wheel Alignment Services?

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How to Schedule 4 Wheel Alignment Services

Over time, due to road conditions or driving habits, you may notice your steering wheel pulling to the left or right. This may indicate that it’s time to schedule 4 wheel alignment service in Northfield. Regardless of your make or model, the ASE Certified Technicians at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield can help.

We house a state-of-the-art service center with highly-trained technicians eager to perform routine maintenance services, major auto repairs and 4 wheel alignment service in Northfield. Contact us today or schedule 4 wheel alignment services conveniently online using our service scheduling platform.

What is 4 Wheel Alignment Service?

A 4 wheel alignment is an auto repair where the team at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield balances your tires to ensure even wear. When your alignment is off, it’s common to notice a decrease in fuel efficiency, vibrations on the steering wheel and pulling to one side when the steering wheel is facing forward. The team at our Chevy service center will fix the problem, adjust the suspension system and ensure the tires are aligned correctly when you schedule 4 wheel alignment service in Northfield.

Our service center team checks three major components of your vehicle’s independent suspension system when performing 4 wheel alignment services in Northfield. The first component is the camber. When looking at the front end of your SUV, truck or sedan, the camber is visible and shows the inward or outward angle of your tire. If the tire angles are tilted or angling outward or inward, this begs the need for a front end alignment or a 4 wheel alignment.

The second component is the toe. Simply put, the front toe is the inward or outward angle of the tire when you are standing in front of your vehicle and looking down. If the angle features an awkward stance, our certified technicians will recommend a 4 wheel alignment.

We also check the caster. The caster refers to the steering axis’ angle when viewed from the side of your vehicle. When the steering axis is tilted toward the driver, this indicates a positive caster; however, if it tilts toward the front of your vehicle, then it’s time to schedule 4 wheel alignment service in Northfield.

Common Signs Your Wheels are Misaligned

Although the service team at our Chevy dealership inspects your vehicle alignment each time you stop in for routine maintenance, there are some signs you may notice in between service visits. One of the most obvious signs is the tread wear on your tires. If the tire wear looks uneven from one tire to the next, we recommend you stop in for a free alignment check at our service center.

You may also notice that your steering wheel begins to turn when you drive straight. This is often described as a pulling feeling. Steering wheel vibrations can also indicate it’s time to schedule 4 wheel alignment service in Northfield. Some drivers also notice a squealing sound from the front wheels or rear wheels. Although this is also a sign that you need brake repair, it’s best to stop in for an evaluation to uncover the real problem.

Although it may be out of control where you have to drive, road conditions and driving habits can cause the need for a 4 wheel alignment more often. Roads with potholes often contributed to uneven tire wear and misaligned wheels. Your driving habits, especially if you hit curbs or drive through speed bumps too quickly, could also lead to the need for 4 wheel alignment service in Northfield.

Schedule 4 Wheel Alignment Service Online

The service team at Spitzer Chevy Northfield is here to care for all of your automotive needs. We host a full menu of auto repair services performed by certified technicians with decades of combined experience. Stop in for an evaluation or inspection of your vehicle or schedule service online when it’s time for 4 wheel alignment service in Northfield.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we take great pride in offering you a stress-free experience when scheduling service or browsing our collection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles. We are also home to the Spitzer Shield that provides you with price protection and a limited powertrain warranty with each and every vehicle purchase.

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