What is Car Air Conditioning Repair in Northfield?

What is Car Air Conditioning Repair in Northfield?

Car AC Service in Ohio

Understanding the Car Air Conditioning System

Your auto air conditioning system provides the climate control needed for a comfortable ride in any temperature. Not only does the AC system run the cool air needed during summer, but it’s also responsible for providing the defrosting action you need in other seasons. If the system isn’t working like it should, the ride can become extremely uncomfortable. When something breaks, you need to know where to get high-quality car air conditioning repair in Ohio. At Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield, we provide the car AC repair services that keep you comfortable and cool. Schedule your service today.

Signs It’s Time to Repair Car AC

When you are experiencing cold air coming out of the car vents, there’s no reason to get any auto repair. However, there are times when you must consider car air conditioning repair. For example, you want to schedule an appointment if the system starts pumping out warm air instead of cold. You should also contact us if there is an unusual smell coming from the system. It should never smell like dirty gym socks.

Weak air flow is another sign that car air conditioning repair is necessary. The car’s air conditioner should pump out air at a regular flow, ensuring that you stay cooler when the temperature rises. Reduced air flow can point to the need to remove moisture from the evaporator core. At the first sign of a problem, you want to get support. Contact us to have the automobile air conditioning equipment serviced.

Regular Air Conditioning Service

Is maintenance important with the car AC system? We always stand by the manufacturer guidelines when it comes to caring for your vehicle. Even if there is nothing wrong with the climate control system, you still want to have it checked once a year. You can prevent car air conditioning repair with this simple maintenance service.

When we regularly service the equipment, the vital parts of the AC system continue to run as expected. During our inspection, we can spot trouble with the expansion valve, orifice tube, condenser, compressor and other vital parts. By changing out these parts when they start failing, you avoid the need for car air conditioning repair at the most inconvenient times. Plus, the car AC system requires regular recharging to ensure there’s enough refrigerant for cooling.

Taking Care of the Air Conditioning System

How can you ensure that car air conditioning repair isn’t needed? With some simple maintenance tips you can perform at home, you prevent expensive repairs. For starters, make sure you run the system at least one a week. Each time you run it, the system should be on for ten minutes minimum. This simple step helps to maintain the appropriate pressures so the compressor runs as it should. For maximum effectiveness, turn the fan on its highest speed, while using the coolest setting.

It’s vital to also run the defrost setting five to ten minutes each week. By doing so, you help to prevent mildew and excessive moisture in the system. The air conditioner helps to remove moisture. That’s why it’s valuable to run occasionally in the winter, even when cooling isn’t needed. When the system isn’t cooling as it once did, it might need a recharge. A complete inspection would be needed to ensure that it doesn’t require car air conditioning repair. With the regular service and inspection, problems can be caught sooner, before the repair bills start to get pricey. In the end, you can save money with these regular service center appointments.

Your Car Deserves the Best

Car air conditioning repair is just as important as the regular oil change or other maintenance tasks. Our team of factory-trained technicians understand the ins and outs of your vehicle, allowing us to provide superior service and maintenance. Plus, our technicians are committed to your satisfaction. You can see the same level of care and support whether you are buying a new car or having your current vehicle serviced. It’s only one aspect that makes us different from the competition, with our unique Spitzer Shield Protection providing the icing on the cake.

Talk to us about your car maintenance and repair needs. From the smallest task to major auto repair, we can help meet all of your transportation needs. Save time and schedule your next service appointment online at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield in Ohio.

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