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Why is Chevy Maintenance Service Important?

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You don’t have to spend time online searching for a Chevy service center near me when it’s time for Chevy maintenance service, especially when the highly-skilled certified technicians at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield are here to perform thorough and efficient auto repairs. Our Chevy dealership in Northfield, OH, is home to a state-of-the-art service center with technicians who truly care about enhancing your vehicle’s performance, handling and fuel efficiency.

Staying on top of Chevy maintenance service is vital to help extend the life of your high-performing SUV, sports car, sedan or pickup truck. Don’t delay providing your cars, trucks or SUVs with the care it needs. Schedule Chevy maintenance service online and see why Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield differs from the rest.

The Benefits of Chevy Maintenance Service

How your vehicle is cared for matters. It matters to the service technicians at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield, too. That’s why we encourage you to stay on top of a consistent Chevy maintenance service schedule. We recommend oil change service every 3,000 to 7,000 miles, depending upon the make or model of your vehicle and the recommendations from the manufacturer. Oil changes are essential to flush out debris and dirt that can build up over time and negatively affect how your vehicle performs.

In addition, tire rotations help to minimize excess wear and tear, as well as tread. When you schedule Chevy maintenance service at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield, our team will not only rotate your tires, but also inspect all working components of your vehicle, including the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. We recommend filter changes every 15,000 to 30,000 miles in addition to battery checks to ensure you have the charge you should with your new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle from our Chevrolet dealership in Northfield, OH.

Regular Chevy maintenance service ensures that your vehicle is performing as it should and running safely. At Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield, our GM certified technicians will create a customized maintenance schedule for you to follow and also offer service specials to help you save on necessary auto repairs.

The Basics of Chevy Maintenance Service

What does Chevy Maintenance Service include? In addition to regular oil changes and tire rotations, there are certain intervals, based on mileage, that need to be followed to ensure your vehicle is running at its peak performance. The technicians at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield rely heavily on the recommendations from your manufacturer and use only genuine OEM parts supplied by our in-house parts center.

In addition to oil changes and tire rotations, Chevy Maintenance service may include a check of all fluid levels, an inspection of filters and the battery charge and a comprehensive evaluation of the engine’s working parts. Our team will evaluate the condition of your brake pads, suspension components, HVAC system and radiator hoses, while also seeking out damaged or worn down parts that can lead to malfunctions or costly repairs in the future.

You can also count on the technicians at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield to offer tips for preventative maintenance that can save you money long term and provide you with peace of mind.

Signs That You Need Chevy Maintenance Service

Although it’s easy to stay on top of a Chevy maintenance service schedule when working with the service center at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield, we also rely on vehicle owners to keep us aware of any problems or issues they may notice. There are definitely some tell-tale signs that you should not ignore.

The most common sign that you need Chevy maintenance service sooner vs later is when the check engine light illuminates on your dashboard. While there are hundreds of codes that detail the exact issue, it’s best to not wait to schedule Chevy maintenance service, especially if the problem revolves around an engine part or your battery. In addition, if you notice a decrease in acceleration, performance or fuel economy, this could indicate a problem that begs the need for Chevy maintenance service.

The technicians at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield also recommend scheduling service if you notice that the vehicle is difficult to start, features odd noises or odors or it takes more pressure than usual to stop the pickup truck, SUV or sedan. If you notice that the steering wheel vibrates or the brakes are squealing, don’t delay. Contact our team right away.

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Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield is committed to helping you maintain your vehicle. Contact us when it’s time for routine maintenance or when you notice signs and symptoms that the performance is not where it should be. With our monthly service offers and specials, you can save on the recommended Chevy maintenance service you need. Count on our team to help you maintain your best investment.

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