What is the Coolant Flush Service in Northfield?

What is the Coolant Flush Service in Northfield?

Routine Engine Maintenance in Ohio

Why Your Car Needs a Cooling System Flush

With a regular coolant flush, you keep the engine temperature in check so it can run its best. The standard radiator flush must be done regularly so all contaminated particles can be removed from the fluid. It is then replaced by clean radiator fluid, so expensive repairs can be avoided. Schedule your maintenance service at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield in Ohio.

What We Do During Coolant System Flush

If you bring the vehicle to us for a coolant flush, we are going to do more than remove the fluid. Of course, the antifreeze flush includes us taking the old fluid from the system and adding new coolant for maximum efficiency. We also flush the system to ensure no contaminants are left behind. If older fluid is left behind, the contaminants can do permanent harm to the engine.

After we drain the radiator, our team performs a complete inspection of the cooling system. Our technicians inspect the water pump, drain valve, heater core, hose clamps, rubber hoses, radiator cap and every other component of the system. If there is anything failing or broken, we will replace it at this time. There are also times when we recommend using special additive conditioners to the coolant to extend its life or to remove rust and corrosion. In the end, we refill the system with the appropriate number of gallons of coolant and get you on your way.

How Often Should Coolant Be Flushed?

If you check the owner’s manual of your vehicle, it might recommend having the coolant flush every 30,000 miles or two years. It’s possible to use a coolant flush kit and perform the work yourself, but it won’t provide the same level of care that the professional service does. You don’t want to use a standard garden hose to perform a radiator flush. It’s a good idea to have the system looked at by a professional, even if that means paying more than taking it to the local Jiffy Lube.

What is the average coolant flush cost? It depends on the amount of coolant needed and any other parts that need to be serviced at the same time. You will find that getting service at the dealer doesn’t always mean an expensive bill. In fact, our prices are comparable with the smaller shops, but we have qualified technicians working on your car. You need a professional on your side when it comes time to flush the coolant every 30,000 miles.

We Have the Expertise You Need

Engine maintenance is critical to how long your vehicle will last. That’s why you need to have a coolant flush and other services at regular intervals. Our team does everything possible to make auto service easier to deal with. Our service specials help you save money on maintenance, because these appointments don’t always happen at the most convenient times.

We are also proud to introduce you to Spitzer Shield. This special program is something other dealerships can’t offer. It provides the protection needed for your next vehicle. With these amazing benefits, you have more peace of mind. While we are always here for your coolant flush, we also want to be the go-to source when it comes time to purchase a used or new vehicle. Our team provides the same level of care whether you are buying a car, getting an oil change or requiring more extensive auto repairs.

Trust Us With Your Car Care Needs

At Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield, we remain committed to maintaining your vehicle, so it lasts longer than expected. We provide a high-quality coolant flush, regular brake pad replacements, comprehensive battery inspections and so much more. With regular maintenance, you have less worry about expensive repairs in the years to come. If you aren’t sure how often you should bring your vehicle for service, we can print out the recommended schedule for your vehicle.

We also have a full new car inventory when the time comes to get behind the wheel of a different model. You can search for a new car online where there is no pressure to do anything else. We try to make everything as convenient as possible. The same applies for scheduling your service appointment. Go ahead and schedule your next visit online to save yourself some time. We look forward to visiting with you at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield in Ohio.

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