Is Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Weather?

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Is Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Weather?

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Fall Weather

Prepare Your Chevrolet for the Fall and Winter

Before the temperatures drop, it’s a good idea to have your Chevrolet inspected by the factory-trained and certified technicians at Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield. Autumns in Ohio bring chilly temperatures, plenty of rain, and slippery roads, so now is a great time to check that your car is in good working order so you stay safe and warm when the seasons change.

Checking the Safety Features

Your Chevrolet has several important components, and your brakes are the most important safety feature. So you can safely stop on the roads around Independence, Northfield, and Cuyahoga Falls, our service technicians can check your brakes, rotors, and brake lights. They can also check your tire pressure and tread depth.

If our technicians determine that these safety components need repairs or maintenance, they will inform your service advisor who will help you arrange a future appointment and share other tips to prepare for fall weather.

Our technicians can also check and replace your wiper blades so you have full visibility when the weather conditions change in the fall season. Every service visit includes a multi-point inspection, so you can trust our technicians will check your car’s fluid levels, battery and terminals, and filters.

Keeping Your Cabin Warm and Cozy

Many new Chevrolet models come with automatic climate control and remote start features. On those cold mornings, Chevrolet drivers appreciate being able to start their cars and let the cabin heat up. If your heating system needs repair, your Chevrolet heater and defroster won’t be able to warm your car, truck, or SUV. No one wants to drive a cold car in the fall and winter months in Ohio.

Your Chevrolet’s climate control system includes more than the components under the hood, like the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. The system has sensors, fans, knobs, and digital controls. These components work together seamlessly, and you won’t know about any problems unless it’s too late. With proactive Chevy maintenance for fall weather, our technicians can alert you to potential problems and take care of them before you need costly repairs to your vehicle’s HVAC system.

As many Ohio drivers keep their windows up in the chilly fall and winter weather, we recommend changing your cabin air filter as the season changes. Throughout the summer, the cabin filter collected pollen, dust, and road debris that you don’t want to breathe in throughout the fall and winter.

Choose the Service Center at the Chevrolet Dealership Near Bentleyville, OH

The Chevy service center in Northfield is ready to help you prepare your vehicle for the autumn weather changes. At Spitzer Chevrolet Northfield in Northfield, Ohio, our certified technicians can inspect and maintain your heating and air conditioning systems.

Our technicians can change your filters and inspect the fluids to keep your vehicle working properly when the cold weather arrives. We invite you to use our online service scheduling and browse our money-saving service specials.

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